News and Updates


 We expect to be able to provide you with .hwol output for your reports from the middle of October to allow for direct upload into HazWasteOnline.

With excellent assistance from AIS Ltd and Ian Bishop of ELAB are in the Beta testing stage of providing .hwol report output. This will enable clients to directly upload their reports to HazWasteOnline and obtain Classification reports for Contaminated Soil.

For more information please visit the HazWasteOnline website.


 Significant investment in the instrument laboratory will improve metal LODs and ELAB’s accreditation scope. The latest Agilent ICP-MS with ISIS discrete sampling is now in the final stages of validation for soil and water matrices, improving limits of detection by up to ten times for many analytes. Increased precision will also allow more elements to meet strict MCERTS criteria.

ELAB has also taken the opportunity to align more closely with UKAS matrix definitions, allowing further additions to our accreditation schedules.


 Samples that are submitted for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) analysis would be deemed to be deviating if they are collected in the incorrect sample containers or/and have a headspace in the sample container.

Following on from our successful UKAS audit, we will be introducing some minor structural changes to our report format.

  • Samples for VOC in soils should be collected in amber glass jars leaving minimum headspace.
  • Samples for VOC in waters should be collected in 40ml septum sealed amber vials with no headspace.

Once sampled the containers should be stored in cool boxes with ice packs and transported to our laboratory as soon as possible.

Contact our Customer Services team to request appropriate containers and book your sample collection on 01424 718618 or email or visit our website and complete our Online Request form.

Remember you can learn more about our range of services at any time by visiting our website at