The Environmental Laboratory Ltd. (ELAB) , specialises in the testing of air/gas, soil, water and leachate samples. We also provide on-site environmental monitoring services and environmental monitoring equipment hire.


Our services include air/gas, soil and water analysis, inorganics and organics analysis, Geotechnical chemical testing, metals analysis, as well as asbestos identification, waste characterisation testing and waste acceptance criteria (WAC).

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ELAB is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025 for asbestos identification and for a range of soil and water tests. It also holds MCERTS accreditation for a range of soil tests.

See our UKAS Schedule for full details.
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We Specialise in:

Soil, leachate and water testing, including inorganics and organics analysis, geotechnical chemical testing, metals analysis, as well as asbestos identification/quantification, waste characterisation testing and waste acceptance criteria (WAC).

We Support the following Industries:

Site Investigation, Land Remediation, Civil Engineering, Groundworks, Construction, Environmental Monitoring, Skip Hire and Muck Away., Demolition and Road Surface Contractors.


ELAB are actively developing new methodology and expanding the range of products and services that we offer to industry. To support this process and cater for increasing levels of business we are looking to increase our staff talent base with additional experienced technicians, environmental scientists, chemistry graduates and admin support. Currently we have the following vacancies:


No Positions available at this time.